LA Milpa

Bringing the taste of Mexico to southeast Europe, La Milpa provides top-quality corn products for an authentic culinary journey.

About the brand

By committing to fair contracts with corn producers and innovative packaging design, La Milpa’s products and business model makes a positive impact on the world while also satisfying the taste buds of conscious consumers who demand delicious food that aligns with their values.

La Milpa offers environmentally sustainable, socially responsible, high-quality and healthy food products made from ethically sourced corn packaged in biodegradable materials.

Building the Brand

Choosing the right typography to represent the essence and the values of the brand

The primary brand typography is Basteleur.
It is primary used for logo and highlight elements. Due to its artistic style it is primarily for stylising headers or shorter texts.

The Secondary brand typography is Montserrat.

It is primarily used as a secondary text for larger text elements due to its readability and clear cuts. It works well for print and digital.
Its san serif styling works great for adding backgrounds and extrusions mimicking the traditional Mexican type styles for restaurants.

Our Key Objectives while building the brand design where:

Brand Values:
We wanted to incorporate the essential values into the brand visuals

- Authentic
- Sustainable & Ethical
- Delicious & Healthy
- Organic

Functional & Versatile:
As the main product is versatile and fluent (from the process of forming masa and molding it into tortillas or chips), we aspired to make the design as versatile with a high importance on functionality.

Color Psychology & Food:
We incorporated vibrant and bold colours inspired by traditional Mexican artwork. Combining it with earthy tones, represents the brand's commitment to high-quality, organic, and wholesome corn products

Recognisability & Contrast:
To achieve recognisability, we carefully select vibrant and distinctive colours combining them with visually appealing design elements to create a unique and memorable brand identity that stands out.

Other projects

We aspire to make a difference

We invest 5% of the hours dedicated to regular projects into supporting impactful NGOs or charities, fostering positive change beyond our immediate scope. If you are creating a positive impact, we would like to support you!

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