Branding / Product design

Nota Wallet

New Wallet that is not just a Wallet

Visual aesthetics

Nota Wallet’s branding vision was to accomplish revolutionary, striking, progressive,  and energetic aesthetics.

3D gradients & liquidity effects are getting momentum - visually associating the brand with these concepts gives target customers an immediate feeling that Nota Wallet brings state-of-the-art technology.

Functionality was imperative, the brand visually has to be scalable and versatile and it has to work across different mediums in all sizes and variations.

Balancing out the vision, functionality and the latest design trends creates a visually striking logotype that will make Nota stand out from the competitors.

Building the product

During the conceptualization of the Nota Wallet's design, the primary objective was to ensure its versatility, seamlessly catering to both mobile and web platforms without compromising its aesthetic appeal.

The goal was to strike a balance, maintaining the distinctive look and feel that sets Nota Wallet apart.

To enhance user experience, carefully crafted user journeys were developed. These journeys prioritize user understanding and seamless navigation, ensuring that individuals can effortlessly interact with the Nota Wallet interface.

The emphasis lies not only on functionality but also on a design that is intuitive, creating a user-friendly environment for both mobile and web users.

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