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Pangea Labs

Bridging the gap in commercial and business use of web 2 and web 3

Visual aesthetics

The vision of Pangea Labs branding was to accomplish a modern, bold, and innovative look and feel by following the latest design trends. The goal was to create a recognisable and functional brand visual that works across different mediums in all sizes and variations.

The ideas came from the brand name - Pangea* the ancient supercontinent, and the disruptive Web3 technology. Using letters as symbols, bold colours and fonts with liquidity effects creates a visually striking branding separating it from the competitors.

Building the product

In tackling the intricacies of modern dashboard interfaces, we embarked on a dynamic journey to develop a comprehensive and versatile design system.

We aimed to provide a cohesive visual language and user experience across diverse screens and complex data requirements.

The challenge at hand was to transcend the traditional limitations of dashboard design by crafting a system that seamlessly adapts to various screens while addressing the unique needs of intricate data representations.

We approached this task with a combination of creativity, user-centric design principles, and a keen understanding of the intricate relationships between data points.

Our Key Objectives while building the design system and the product where:

Versatility: The design system sought to be adaptable to different screen sizes, resolutions, and orientations without compromising on usability or aesthetic integrity.

Consistency: Maintaining a unified visual language across all elements of the dashboard was paramount. This included color schemes, typography, iconography, and overall layout, ensuring a seamless and intuitive user experience.

Scalability: As data complexity varies, the design system needed to scale gracefully, accommodating an extensive range of information without overwhelming the user.

Accessibility: Accessibility was a fundamental consideration, ensuring that the design system caters to users with diverse needs, making data interpretation and interaction inclusive and efficient.

Innovation: The project encouraged innovative solutions to common dashboard challenges, exploring novel ways to present and interact with complex visual and data sets while maintaining a user-friendly approach.

Other projects

We aspire to make a difference

We invest 5% of the hours dedicated to regular projects into supporting impactful NGOs or charities, fostering positive change beyond our immediate scope. If you are creating a positive impact, we would like to support you!

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